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Luck or tactics in backgammon game by Asi Cohen 31/08/2012
?Luck or tactics combined with a probability in backgammon
.Some say backgammon game based entirely on luck and on the other hand some say playing backgammon based on tactics
.The truth is that a combination of both tactics and luck, about the luck we can not do much, but the tactics can be learned
.Tactics is not enough but can combined with calculations of probability bring you good results in backgammon
.There are two main tactics but not the only in backgammon
:Two backgammon game main tactics are
Defensive game - based on creating a  houses without leaving tools exposed as possible.
Offensive game - based on eating the opponent's exposed Tools in backgammon board  almost any situation
Even if as a result we reveal our tools for opponent attacks against us.
Best players in backgammon game combine the two tactics
The dependence arranging pieces on a game board in backgammon and of course based on probabilities for non-receipt or dice numbers
This can reduce the element of luck in the game and rely on tactics did not like the game of chess that is all based on tactics.
I argue that a skilled player and knows how to handle any given moment based on the probabilities of good results will
Even if his opponent has a lot of luck.
For example:
Analyze a situation in backgammon:
What is the situation we would prefer to opponent will be less likely to eat us tool.
If we have to choose between leaving bare tool only four steps from the opponent or leave bare tool only three steps from the opponent without considering other game pieces
First considered all the possibilities we get 4 or the sum of four throwing dice:
[1 | 1] [2 | 2] [4 | 4] [3 | 1] [1 | 3] [1 | 4] [4 | 1] [4 | 2] [2 | 4] [3 | 4] [4 | 3] [4 | 5] [5 | 4] [4 | 6] [6 | 4]
A probability of 15/36
Now considered all the possibilities we have received a total of three throwing dice:
{(1,3) (2,3) (3,3) (4,3) (5,3) (6,3) (3,1) (3,2) (3,4) (3,5 ) (3,6) (1,2) (2,1) (1,1)}
A probability of 14/36
So in this situation it is clear we would prefer to leave the vessel within three steps open opponent and built a house on the tool just 4 steps from opponent
.This is just one example of Lots of  situations in backgammon game
.The conclusion is properly Lhitvss tactics and probability and of course lucky then good luck
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